Siobhan sat long in thought over issues that mortal men could not fathom. There were the beginnings and endings of empires in the shine of her eyes and in the smile of her sweet face came the fires of apocalypses yet unspoken of.There was not the light and joy of life in her as she thought these things, the hurricanes of the world were more intense, the fires burned brighter and even the blood that so often ran from the blades of men filled the rivers with its sickly sweet crimson hue.

A single thing kept dancing across all of the scenarios her mind pondered this day. A lightning bolt that connected things with a rapidity that shook her to the very core of her being. She always knew that Danu had gifted her and the other Great Lords with the ability to see the interwoven picture that was constantly being painted by The Lady, this picture however, each brush stroke killed millions, each excess of paint was the destruction of civilizations and every single moment that she watched it, her mind grew to appreciate it and her deft tongue licked her lips in a soft smile, a plan forming that no one would be able to see the endgame of,possibly not even The Lady herself with its intricacies and doubling back of ideology and thought.

Her eyes shifted to the guards at her side and a finger beckoned them.

“Fetch for me Amhras from the dungeons, she will be glad to leave her self-made agony for a time to do her Queen’s bidding.”

The guard nodded and marched off to fulfill his Queen’s will, his hands visibly shaking even as he walked away to get the woman who, for as long as the guard could remember, had been screaming as loud as he had ever heard at things that no one but her could see.

Amhras, dressed in pure white to match the perfect albino color of her skin, walked before the Queen, her dress an explosion of color against the black of the Unseelie Queen’s floor.

Her legs collapsed under her in unison and, on her knees, she spoke, her voice rough and hoarse.

“My Queen, danger lurks around every corner and every moment is in peril, I beg you, once again before you leave me in my cage, let me take the enemies of your life from you and serve you as only I can.” Her face rose to look at the Queen, her eyes a blood-red with no pupil and darker than blood from a heart.

Siobhan stood from her throne and walked to where Amhras knelt and, to the surprise of anyone, dropped to her knees in the same movement that Amhras did and leaned into the girl and whispered fast into her ear. The sound in the room deafening as the silence was amplified as the Queen id not want to be heard in the words she was speaking.

Amhras eyes opened at the first word and grew wider with every passing one. As the words slowed and the Queen stood up and walked back and sat back down in her throne, the eyes that were terrifying for all to behold wept tears that covered her face in blood as her laughter began and she stood, running from the room with blood trailing behind her and chaos in her future.


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