The cave was wide and deep enough that almost all of the Sidhe fit there. All of them. Light and Dark in the same place in friendship and brotherhood since the Making. They could not stop smiling, no matter where they looked they saw friends they had not seen in tens of thousands of years.

Siobhan and Síochána stood together, hand in hand, a melding of the forever dusk and dawn as they did. They were wondrous beings to behold and none there could look away once Síochána began to speak to the assembled masses.

“Sisters and Brothers, it has come time for us to make a decision so long in the making that all we have done in our lives has led us to this very moment” His voice was like sunshine and Spring, Joy and Warmth wrapped in every word. “We have come to the edge of the blade and there is nothing that can be done if we do not do it together. We will do what must be done here or each and every once of us will vanish from the world and the creature known as man would be in control of it all.”

The assembled mass roared their disapproval of such a barbaric action being allowed to pass. They shouted their loathing for the monkey-things and only quieted when Siobhan stepped forward.

If Síochána was the Spring and the Light, then in that moment Siobhan was the Black Darkness of Yule Night, threatening to be forever and always. Her voice was low,melodic and even Síochána bent toward her as she spoke in carefully perfected words.

“Loves, calm your harsh voices and silence a moment.” There was not even a breath drawn as she paused, her smile ripe and perfect for the moment. “Síochána, my love and friend of a million lifetimes, and I have thought long and hard about what we would say to you all in this moment.”

She stepped away from Síochána and walked amongst the uncountable Sidhe there. She reached and smiled, kissed and touched the cheeks of those she fondly remembered, Light and Dark, it mattered not anymore. She spread her arms wide ad every touched her outstretched hands that could,her presence was all they needed to make the world perfect in that very moment.

“Danu, the Great Mother of us all, told Síochána and I that we had but one rule to obey forever after. We were not, under any circumstances, to use the great powers that we have to destroy this world and make it in the image of the Sidhe.” She paused a moment, the gathering silent as none imagined the Lord and Queen having such power between them all of this time.

“Síochána and I, with no hatred from Danu,would do this thing. We could destroy this Fulcrum that comes for us inch by inch and we could shatter this world and make it into one of our choice, or many, or infinite for that matter. We have not done this because of you my sweet Fae. We have not done this because we would not take this gift and destroy it without telling you, without your consent, nay even your blessing we desire!” Her voice raised until she shouted and her power came with such things. The cave filled with Darkness, but not fear, a comfortable blanket it was for all of them to hide under.

“So we gather you today, this night and we ask you,nay we beg you to let us do this for the good of you, the rightful owners of Danu’s greatest gift. We beg..” Siobhan dropped to her knees, the eyes of every Sidhe filling with tears as she did so. Síochána walked slowly to her and reached his hand out gently and she took it, rising like the Queen she was. Her face was tear streaked and the honesty of her words were written upon it.

Síochána whispered into her ear and Siobhan nodded and he stood, his light not trying to remove the dark, simply placing infinite stars in the night sky.

“This is the decision this assembled body is charged with. Do we die and allow all of what we are to fade from the world? Or do we take the world and make it our own, forever protecting the destiny of all Sidhe, ourselves and the children that we will have, and their children forever onward?”

He walked back to Siobhan and took her newly outstretched hand and kissed it softly and the two of them walked out, the decision not theirs to make but the countless behind them.

A long discussion was ahead.


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