Each and every one of them, Seelie and Unseelie both, all of the Fae, knew when their works were being overturned, it was part of who and what they were, it was if someone were peeling their skin away from the muscles and expected them to simply sit back and accept it. It was not pain as other things would feel it, it was a wound of the soul, all of them felt a hollow spot inside of them and they knew not what to do. Well, nearly all of them knew nothing, there were two of the Fae who knew what this was because they were old enough, strong enough and wise enough to remember all the things that came before the world.

When the Dark Queen Siobhan felt it, she screamed, a noise not heard by the world before yet all things belonging to her knew it meat to come home to her. She felt them running towards her with speed and power and destruction in their hearts for anyone who would have dared hurt her. They rode on wind and fire, water and earth and did not trickle it, nay they arrived virtually all in the same instant, anger and hatred for whatever it was in their hearts and ready to die for her.

She sat on her throne, a tear stain rolling down her perfect skin as their hearts broke for her. She stared at the floor, her breath coming in sharp gasps, her blood rushing through her entire being.

“My loves, it appears as if an old friend has been tasked with stopping us with the work we, and even our friends in the Light, have begun. It is not a being with reason or even thought. There is no trickery, no deceit that will work to stop it. No, there is not a way that the Unseelie can stop it at all.”

A great sigh flooded the room, a sadness complete. Yet, even as they made this noise the great Queen held her hand up and it stopped in an instant.

“However my loves, there is a way the Fae can stop it.”

The butterfly that landed on his arm was innocent, perfectly free of everything that was happening now. It lived its life as all things did, according to the way it was made to live it. It had no choice but to do so, and neither did he.

Síochána was huge by the standards of the Sidhe, 6’8″ tall with hair a blinding white. He gently pushed the butterfly from his arm and sighed heavily, knowing what must be done.

Síochána was the Lord of Joy and Summer, King of the Light. He had never been anything else and he would never be anything else because, again, it is what he was supposed to be, and nothing else.

He did not dislike the Unseelie as the stupid stories would have you believe. He loved each one of them and remembered them all each and every day. He smiled at shared memories and the deep memories of the very beginnings of things when they were all just new to the world and filled with such incredible wonder at the tasks that they were given.

He closed his eyes and thought of sweet Siobhan, a beautiful Dark Goddess that ruled her people fairly and justly, again, despite what the stories would hear you say. These beings on the world, these humans, they would make you think there was a war between the Courts of Fae. This was not true in any way, does the Right side of the heart war with the Left? No.

They were as much a people now as they ever had been, even more in the last few days. They had come together and for the first time in centuries, the two halves of a whole were in the same place, at the same time, doing what they loved more than anything else in all of creation.

Síochána stood, weary from what was done by that ancient force, yet, at the same time, so very excited about what was to come in the next few minutes.

Right as the light of the sun cascaded into the ocean, they both arrived when they had agreed to meet. A random beach, on a random shore. He glowed with Light in a way that made you unable to look away. She exuded a Darkness that all you wanted to do was run into and never leave no matter what the cost to you was.

The Darkness and the Light, Siobhan and Síochána, the perfect opposites. They loved one another in a way only they could. No romance, such a thing was stupid amongst Fae who loved everything, save for what they despised. It was Passion and Desire, Love and Need, Want and Lust.

They approached one another and embraced like old lovers, which they were, but like the dearest of friends, which they also were.

For a moment, when Darkness collided with Light, there was a perfect twilight and you could see nothing of them, only the absence of both.

Síochána broke away first, a kiss to her cheek and a smile. “My Dear Siobhan, it appears that the Fulcrum has begun setting to what it sees as right.”

Siobhan even Darkness, blushed a little as he kissed her and nodded as he spoke. “It is so sweet Síochána, I know what can be done to stop this, as do you, I come here tonight to ask you the one question that you and I were forbidden to ask one another by the Great Goddess herself at the times of our making.

“Shall we indeed destroy all of this and make it in our image?”


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