noun: fulcrum; plural noun: fulcra; plural noun: fulcrums

the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots.
a thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity, event, or situation.


The Goddess had not been foolish in thinking that all of the things in the world that she had created and given free will too would always be the exact things that she wanted them to be. She knew of course they would fulfill their roles, they couldn’t avoid such a thing. However, there were times where perhaps they would go to far in their efforts, and for this, the Fulcrum was created.

The Fulcrum was not sentient in the sense that the Sidhe were. It was very much alive yes, but it had no free will, no thought, nothing close to passion or the light or the dark kind. It was a thing, an entity, and it had but one purpose, a purpose on which literally the coins were flipped and the tides were reversed. It was the balance to make sure all stayed in equilibrium. It was the scale that weighed all and saw to it, by any means necessary, that the will of its maker was focused and enacted.

There was imbalance in the things of the world now. Not because of the destruction, no that had happened countless times and the Fulcrum slept through it all. No, the imbalance came from the fact that the light and the dark, the up and the down, were nearly merged. They did not know this yet, they did not see the things it did, but it was close and it would never be allowed to come to pass for such a disaster would be the unraveling of Danu’s good work.

Unlike a story book villain, this Fulcrum did not want to kill anything, in fact it could not kill anything. It’s only purpose was to make sure the coin stood stock still and straight on the edge, to make sure all was aligned and perfectly balanced. It would simply move things, be it Sidhe or Earth, until such an equilibrium was reached. It was immortal because it wasn’t truly alive but a little of Danu left on earth to look after what was made in the absence of its mistress.

Like the great Leviathan of thought and action it was, it slowly began to unwind all that they had begun. Not the death, it was not able, not did it care, to do such a thing.Its balance sheet was the planet, the Sidhe, and making sure that all was restored in such a way that here was precisely half of each thing. Hot and Cold, Yes and No, Up and Down, all of the things in existence that had opposite halves, it made sure that it could right the balance.

It would take quite some time, they had a head start for one and its power was immense, but it was slow and deliberate. it had no fingers to snap as it were, just the ability to restore. So it began with the first thing it noticed and slowly, methodically, without error or alteration, went down the list and made right all that had been wronged.


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