There were stories in the Elder Days that before the separation of the Courts, far back in the dawn of things, that there was a great love of all things for one another. There was joy on a constant basis and there were never conflicts of any kind.

No one knows when the split began. Whispered words were most likely the way it all began. One of them envying, hating, coveting another. They were all so beautiful, so perfect. Each and very one of them made by the Goddess herself to serve a purpose, to fill a role. Some handled the mornings, others the nights. Light things, dark things, things in the sweet shadows where neither was predominant.

No one remembers the split happening because it wasn’t a conflict. It wasn’t a war or a great bad thing. Some of them simply preferred to associate with one over the other. Then it was an easy step in logic to say that they should live separately, and so on, and so on. Thousands of little changes over countless years and there were two courts. The Seelie, they coated themselves in the bright light. The ones who loved the sunlight and the joyous dawns and heart-rending sunsets.Then there were Unseelie, those who preferred the twilight, the darkness and the twinkling of the countless stars above them in the night sky.

It was not Good and Evil at first, it truly isn’t even that way now. It is simply two philosophies on the world. One refuses to love the twinkling stars, and the other refuses to run in the sunlight. It is not Love and Hate, these beings, every single one of them, was crafted to be the embodiment of love for what they do. Whether it be seeding the earth after the long winter, or killing those seedlings with ice and snow so that the world may be born anew later.

Right vs Left, Up vs Down, always to halves of the same whole. Always opposites to the other, a balance, even in the despicable ways that both of them now show such things to one another. There was always a balance, always a weighing out and zeroing of the scale withe very action and reaction.

Siobhan, the great Goddess of the night knew this well, she knew that as much as she rallied the dark ones, the light would have no option but to try to balance things. Not because they wanted to necessarily, Siobhan knew that almost to a soul they agreed with her and the blight on their world that mankind had become. No, they would respond simply because it was what they were designed to do.

So as Siobhan and the Darkling Throng cast shadow and destruction on the world, those of the Light, with no words or titles, names or faces, lowly began to counter such things.

Volcanoes were put to sleep again, the oceans were calmed, the hurricanes became spring breezes and the shadows on the world were pierced with the sunlight above.It was automatic, it was perfectly balanced and perfectly timed so that nothing would go too far out of balance in the great picture.

Think not that this was for mankind, neither Light nor Dark cared for how many of them died, and by the millions and millions did they die. There was a balance to maintain and these revolting things were simply dust on the floor of the building of creation.

So it came to be that day that inadvertently, the Courts of Fae became once again the People of Danu, they were not separated, they were not against one another, they simply danced in a beautiful dances or destruction and creation. A movie being fast forwarded and rewound over and over again. Each Sidhe seeing the other as a Brother,a Sister, a Lover. There was no anger at the works be unmade and then destroyed again, they were once again free. They were together, as Danu had ordained so very long ago.

What these great and glorious people did not see hover was the simplest thing. Even as they danced their wondrous dance in the skies, oceans and lands of the earth. Even as they flipped the coin over and over and nearly every human was killed with no care. Even as they finally embraced each other after so much time apart, they all forgot.

They forgot that which flipped the coin. They forgot that which was just in the middle of the left and the right, up and the down.

They forgot the Fulcrum.


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