Tine sat with legs dangling, a thoughtful look upon his face as he pondered his next move. The ice that surrounded him cooled his thoughts but the orange and red glow in his eyes could be confused as nothing but the very opposite of that.

He looked down in Eyjafjallajökull with a smile on his face at last and gripped the rock he was sitting on tightly and felt the rock warm to the point of fire.

The ancient caldera sprung to life under him, the ice cap quickly exploded into steam that rushed past his face like a hurricane as he simply kept holding onto the rocks as they began to liquefy under his fingertips, his rock perch slowly sliding downward into the volcano’s mouth, and happily did he slide down into the warm and beautiful embrace of the fire, no fear or worry at all as the magma embraced him as an old lover as the top of Eyjafjallajökull exploded upward and the nearly mile high mountain once again glowed red with the fury of the Beast within it.

He felt rather than saw the peaks of Mýrdalsjökull and Skógar explode and fire slowly covered the ice fields, as it always should have been.

Laying on his back in the beauty of the South Pacific, Uisce kicked his feet to move as he effortlessly floated on the waves that came and went. His hands steered him gently to and fro as his mind was closed to all and everything save the cooling beauty of the water below him.

He smiled, still with his eyes closed as he felt the waves below him build higher and higher. Towering things a hundred feet high crash with the roar of a freight train, rushing toward land a thousand miles away, building speed and height with every passing second.

The depths, still untouched by man, pushed the ice-cold waters upward, thousands and thousands of feet until they joined their brothers on the surface and built the walls of destruction that were heading to obliterate an unsuspecting world.

Galar existed as a shadow, his body not seen by the hundreds of people that he passed with every second. He walked into that abomination of light and false happiness and stood in the center of it. He looked about himself in all directions, his very being sickened by the lies and falseness that was there at all times.

He shook his head and reached his arms to the sides, green tendrils circling him over and over, the circle widening as he stood stock still. It was a sickly green and brown, a heavy thing that hung in the ait as if the wind did not want to hold such a thing in its arms even for the cause it was doing it for.

He kept the spiral growing, hundreds of feet across, the tendrils thickening to tree trunks until they reached every false thing in that square. With a release of a held breath he dropped to his knees and slammed his hands into the ground. The tendrils exploded there, finding life and shoving itself down the throat of it. Filling it, taking it, owning it, killing it.

A few seconds was all it took, he rose and looked around. The lights blinked still, the falseness was there, but for as far as he could see in every direction each fake and disgusting thief of his world lay dead in agonized poses of pain and anguish.

He felt no pity, no satisfaction He did what needed to be done and he walked on, knowing he had a great deal of work to do before he was done, and this was only one city of tens of thousands.

Siobhan smiled as she felt the powers that were once again being used in the world. The base things, the elemental things. She loved each soul that was helping her with this great work of art and she knew now that it was her turn to help.

She stood tall on a peak, clad in nothing but the darkness of the night as she whispered words into the air that had been unspoken since just after the Goddess had made her. The darkness coalesced, came to her as one would pull taffy.

She ran her fingers through the darkness, let it caress her and surround her. Still whispering the Darkness came faster and faster, hundreds of great giants, nothing but Power and Darkness stood before her, waiting ho her to simply set them free and let them destroy the things that brought light to places where the darkness should have reigned supreme.

She kissed the palm of her hand and breathed the final words into the dark and the eruption of them leaving her presence was as loud as explosions on the field of battle, which was, she thought, very appropriate seeing as they were going to make sure that the Battle was won before the adversaries even knew there was a War.

With black glowing eyes she pulled her blades from her back and the sounds of wings filled the night as the Darkness swept her up in its arms and carried its Goddess to where she bid it take her.


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