Siobhan sat long in thought over issues that mortal men could not fathom. There were the beginnings and endings of empires in the shine of her eyes and in the smile of her sweet face came the fires of apocalypses yet unspoken of.There was not the light and joy of life in her as she thought these things, the hurricanes of the world were more intense, the fires burned brighter and even the blood that so often ran from the blades of men filled the rivers with its sickly sweet crimson hue.

A single thing kept dancing across all of the scenarios her mind pondered this day. A lightning bolt that connected things with a rapidity that shook her to the very core of her being. She always knew that Danu had gifted her and the other Great Lords with the ability to see the interwoven picture that was constantly being painted by The Lady, this picture however, each brush stroke killed millions, each excess of paint was the destruction of civilizations and every single moment that she watched it, her mind grew to appreciate it and her deft tongue licked her lips in a soft smile, a plan forming that no one would be able to see the endgame of,possibly not even The Lady herself with its intricacies and doubling back of ideology and thought.

Her eyes shifted to the guards at her side and a finger beckoned them.

“Fetch for me Amhras from the dungeons, she will be glad to leave her self-made agony for a time to do her Queen’s bidding.”

The guard nodded and marched off to fulfill his Queen’s will, his hands visibly shaking even as he walked away to get the woman who, for as long as the guard could remember, had been screaming as loud as he had ever heard at things that no one but her could see.

Amhras, dressed in pure white to match the perfect albino color of her skin, walked before the Queen, her dress an explosion of color against the black of the Unseelie Queen’s floor.

Her legs collapsed under her in unison and, on her knees, she spoke, her voice rough and hoarse.

“My Queen, danger lurks around every corner and every moment is in peril, I beg you, once again before you leave me in my cage, let me take the enemies of your life from you and serve you as only I can.” Her face rose to look at the Queen, her eyes a blood-red with no pupil and darker than blood from a heart.

Siobhan stood from her throne and walked to where Amhras knelt and, to the surprise of anyone, dropped to her knees in the same movement that Amhras did and leaned into the girl and whispered fast into her ear. The sound in the room deafening as the silence was amplified as the Queen id not want to be heard in the words she was speaking.

Amhras eyes opened at the first word and grew wider with every passing one. As the words slowed and the Queen stood up and walked back and sat back down in her throne, the eyes that were terrifying for all to behold wept tears that covered her face in blood as her laughter began and she stood, running from the room with blood trailing behind her and chaos in her future.


Chapter 4 – Part 1

The cave was wide and deep enough that almost all of the Sidhe fit there. All of them. Light and Dark in the same place in friendship and brotherhood since the Making. They could not stop smiling, no matter where they looked they saw friends they had not seen in tens of thousands of years.

Siobhan and Síochána stood together, hand in hand, a melding of the forever dusk and dawn as they did. They were wondrous beings to behold and none there could look away once Síochána began to speak to the assembled masses.

“Sisters and Brothers, it has come time for us to make a decision so long in the making that all we have done in our lives has led us to this very moment” His voice was like sunshine and Spring, Joy and Warmth wrapped in every word. “We have come to the edge of the blade and there is nothing that can be done if we do not do it together. We will do what must be done here or each and every once of us will vanish from the world and the creature known as man would be in control of it all.”

The assembled mass roared their disapproval of such a barbaric action being allowed to pass. They shouted their loathing for the monkey-things and only quieted when Siobhan stepped forward.

If Síochána was the Spring and the Light, then in that moment Siobhan was the Black Darkness of Yule Night, threatening to be forever and always. Her voice was low,melodic and even Síochána bent toward her as she spoke in carefully perfected words.

“Loves, calm your harsh voices and silence a moment.” There was not even a breath drawn as she paused, her smile ripe and perfect for the moment. “Síochána, my love and friend of a million lifetimes, and I have thought long and hard about what we would say to you all in this moment.”

She stepped away from Síochána and walked amongst the uncountable Sidhe there. She reached and smiled, kissed and touched the cheeks of those she fondly remembered, Light and Dark, it mattered not anymore. She spread her arms wide ad every touched her outstretched hands that could,her presence was all they needed to make the world perfect in that very moment.

“Danu, the Great Mother of us all, told Síochána and I that we had but one rule to obey forever after. We were not, under any circumstances, to use the great powers that we have to destroy this world and make it in the image of the Sidhe.” She paused a moment, the gathering silent as none imagined the Lord and Queen having such power between them all of this time.

“Síochána and I, with no hatred from Danu,would do this thing. We could destroy this Fulcrum that comes for us inch by inch and we could shatter this world and make it into one of our choice, or many, or infinite for that matter. We have not done this because of you my sweet Fae. We have not done this because we would not take this gift and destroy it without telling you, without your consent, nay even your blessing we desire!” Her voice raised until she shouted and her power came with such things. The cave filled with Darkness, but not fear, a comfortable blanket it was for all of them to hide under.

“So we gather you today, this night and we ask you,nay we beg you to let us do this for the good of you, the rightful owners of Danu’s greatest gift. We beg..” Siobhan dropped to her knees, the eyes of every Sidhe filling with tears as she did so. Síochána walked slowly to her and reached his hand out gently and she took it, rising like the Queen she was. Her face was tear streaked and the honesty of her words were written upon it.

Síochána whispered into her ear and Siobhan nodded and he stood, his light not trying to remove the dark, simply placing infinite stars in the night sky.

“This is the decision this assembled body is charged with. Do we die and allow all of what we are to fade from the world? Or do we take the world and make it our own, forever protecting the destiny of all Sidhe, ourselves and the children that we will have, and their children forever onward?”

He walked back to Siobhan and took her newly outstretched hand and kissed it softly and the two of them walked out, the decision not theirs to make but the countless behind them.

A long discussion was ahead.

Chapter 3 – Part 3

Each and every one of them, Seelie and Unseelie both, all of the Fae, knew when their works were being overturned, it was part of who and what they were, it was if someone were peeling their skin away from the muscles and expected them to simply sit back and accept it. It was not pain as other things would feel it, it was a wound of the soul, all of them felt a hollow spot inside of them and they knew not what to do. Well, nearly all of them knew nothing, there were two of the Fae who knew what this was because they were old enough, strong enough and wise enough to remember all the things that came before the world.

When the Dark Queen Siobhan felt it, she screamed, a noise not heard by the world before yet all things belonging to her knew it meat to come home to her. She felt them running towards her with speed and power and destruction in their hearts for anyone who would have dared hurt her. They rode on wind and fire, water and earth and did not trickle it, nay they arrived virtually all in the same instant, anger and hatred for whatever it was in their hearts and ready to die for her.

She sat on her throne, a tear stain rolling down her perfect skin as their hearts broke for her. She stared at the floor, her breath coming in sharp gasps, her blood rushing through her entire being.

“My loves, it appears as if an old friend has been tasked with stopping us with the work we, and even our friends in the Light, have begun. It is not a being with reason or even thought. There is no trickery, no deceit that will work to stop it. No, there is not a way that the Unseelie can stop it at all.”

A great sigh flooded the room, a sadness complete. Yet, even as they made this noise the great Queen held her hand up and it stopped in an instant.

“However my loves, there is a way the Fae can stop it.”

The butterfly that landed on his arm was innocent, perfectly free of everything that was happening now. It lived its life as all things did, according to the way it was made to live it. It had no choice but to do so, and neither did he.

Síochána was huge by the standards of the Sidhe, 6’8″ tall with hair a blinding white. He gently pushed the butterfly from his arm and sighed heavily, knowing what must be done.

Síochána was the Lord of Joy and Summer, King of the Light. He had never been anything else and he would never be anything else because, again, it is what he was supposed to be, and nothing else.

He did not dislike the Unseelie as the stupid stories would have you believe. He loved each one of them and remembered them all each and every day. He smiled at shared memories and the deep memories of the very beginnings of things when they were all just new to the world and filled with such incredible wonder at the tasks that they were given.

He closed his eyes and thought of sweet Siobhan, a beautiful Dark Goddess that ruled her people fairly and justly, again, despite what the stories would hear you say. These beings on the world, these humans, they would make you think there was a war between the Courts of Fae. This was not true in any way, does the Right side of the heart war with the Left? No.

They were as much a people now as they ever had been, even more in the last few days. They had come together and for the first time in centuries, the two halves of a whole were in the same place, at the same time, doing what they loved more than anything else in all of creation.

Síochána stood, weary from what was done by that ancient force, yet, at the same time, so very excited about what was to come in the next few minutes.

Right as the light of the sun cascaded into the ocean, they both arrived when they had agreed to meet. A random beach, on a random shore. He glowed with Light in a way that made you unable to look away. She exuded a Darkness that all you wanted to do was run into and never leave no matter what the cost to you was.

The Darkness and the Light, Siobhan and Síochána, the perfect opposites. They loved one another in a way only they could. No romance, such a thing was stupid amongst Fae who loved everything, save for what they despised. It was Passion and Desire, Love and Need, Want and Lust.

They approached one another and embraced like old lovers, which they were, but like the dearest of friends, which they also were.

For a moment, when Darkness collided with Light, there was a perfect twilight and you could see nothing of them, only the absence of both.

Síochána broke away first, a kiss to her cheek and a smile. “My Dear Siobhan, it appears that the Fulcrum has begun setting to what it sees as right.”

Siobhan even Darkness, blushed a little as he kissed her and nodded as he spoke. “It is so sweet Síochána, I know what can be done to stop this, as do you, I come here tonight to ask you the one question that you and I were forbidden to ask one another by the Great Goddess herself at the times of our making.

“Shall we indeed destroy all of this and make it in our image?”

Chapter 3 – Part 2

noun: fulcrum; plural noun: fulcra; plural noun: fulcrums

the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots.
a thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity, event, or situation.


The Goddess had not been foolish in thinking that all of the things in the world that she had created and given free will too would always be the exact things that she wanted them to be. She knew of course they would fulfill their roles, they couldn’t avoid such a thing. However, there were times where perhaps they would go to far in their efforts, and for this, the Fulcrum was created.

The Fulcrum was not sentient in the sense that the Sidhe were. It was very much alive yes, but it had no free will, no thought, nothing close to passion or the light or the dark kind. It was a thing, an entity, and it had but one purpose, a purpose on which literally the coins were flipped and the tides were reversed. It was the balance to make sure all stayed in equilibrium. It was the scale that weighed all and saw to it, by any means necessary, that the will of its maker was focused and enacted.

There was imbalance in the things of the world now. Not because of the destruction, no that had happened countless times and the Fulcrum slept through it all. No, the imbalance came from the fact that the light and the dark, the up and the down, were nearly merged. They did not know this yet, they did not see the things it did, but it was close and it would never be allowed to come to pass for such a disaster would be the unraveling of Danu’s good work.

Unlike a story book villain, this Fulcrum did not want to kill anything, in fact it could not kill anything. It’s only purpose was to make sure the coin stood stock still and straight on the edge, to make sure all was aligned and perfectly balanced. It would simply move things, be it Sidhe or Earth, until such an equilibrium was reached. It was immortal because it wasn’t truly alive but a little of Danu left on earth to look after what was made in the absence of its mistress.

Like the great Leviathan of thought and action it was, it slowly began to unwind all that they had begun. Not the death, it was not able, not did it care, to do such a thing.Its balance sheet was the planet, the Sidhe, and making sure that all was restored in such a way that here was precisely half of each thing. Hot and Cold, Yes and No, Up and Down, all of the things in existence that had opposite halves, it made sure that it could right the balance.

It would take quite some time, they had a head start for one and its power was immense, but it was slow and deliberate. it had no fingers to snap as it were, just the ability to restore. So it began with the first thing it noticed and slowly, methodically, without error or alteration, went down the list and made right all that had been wronged.

Chapter 3 – Part 1

There were stories in the Elder Days that before the separation of the Courts, far back in the dawn of things, that there was a great love of all things for one another. There was joy on a constant basis and there were never conflicts of any kind.

No one knows when the split began. Whispered words were most likely the way it all began. One of them envying, hating, coveting another. They were all so beautiful, so perfect. Each and very one of them made by the Goddess herself to serve a purpose, to fill a role. Some handled the mornings, others the nights. Light things, dark things, things in the sweet shadows where neither was predominant.

No one remembers the split happening because it wasn’t a conflict. It wasn’t a war or a great bad thing. Some of them simply preferred to associate with one over the other. Then it was an easy step in logic to say that they should live separately, and so on, and so on. Thousands of little changes over countless years and there were two courts. The Seelie, they coated themselves in the bright light. The ones who loved the sunlight and the joyous dawns and heart-rending sunsets.Then there were Unseelie, those who preferred the twilight, the darkness and the twinkling of the countless stars above them in the night sky.

It was not Good and Evil at first, it truly isn’t even that way now. It is simply two philosophies on the world. One refuses to love the twinkling stars, and the other refuses to run in the sunlight. It is not Love and Hate, these beings, every single one of them, was crafted to be the embodiment of love for what they do. Whether it be seeding the earth after the long winter, or killing those seedlings with ice and snow so that the world may be born anew later.

Right vs Left, Up vs Down, always to halves of the same whole. Always opposites to the other, a balance, even in the despicable ways that both of them now show such things to one another. There was always a balance, always a weighing out and zeroing of the scale withe very action and reaction.

Siobhan, the great Goddess of the night knew this well, she knew that as much as she rallied the dark ones, the light would have no option but to try to balance things. Not because they wanted to necessarily, Siobhan knew that almost to a soul they agreed with her and the blight on their world that mankind had become. No, they would respond simply because it was what they were designed to do.

So as Siobhan and the Darkling Throng cast shadow and destruction on the world, those of the Light, with no words or titles, names or faces, lowly began to counter such things.

Volcanoes were put to sleep again, the oceans were calmed, the hurricanes became spring breezes and the shadows on the world were pierced with the sunlight above.It was automatic, it was perfectly balanced and perfectly timed so that nothing would go too far out of balance in the great picture.

Think not that this was for mankind, neither Light nor Dark cared for how many of them died, and by the millions and millions did they die. There was a balance to maintain and these revolting things were simply dust on the floor of the building of creation.

So it came to be that day that inadvertently, the Courts of Fae became once again the People of Danu, they were not separated, they were not against one another, they simply danced in a beautiful dances or destruction and creation. A movie being fast forwarded and rewound over and over again. Each Sidhe seeing the other as a Brother,a Sister, a Lover. There was no anger at the works be unmade and then destroyed again, they were once again free. They were together, as Danu had ordained so very long ago.

What these great and glorious people did not see hover was the simplest thing. Even as they danced their wondrous dance in the skies, oceans and lands of the earth. Even as they flipped the coin over and over and nearly every human was killed with no care. Even as they finally embraced each other after so much time apart, they all forgot.

They forgot that which flipped the coin. They forgot that which was just in the middle of the left and the right, up and the down.

They forgot the Fulcrum.

Chapter 2

It was as if the planet had opened its eyes after a sleep so long it had forgotten that it had ever been awake. Each and every place on the globe was afire, or under water, or buried under the land it once sat upon. It was not destroyed as much as the foulness that had been living on it for so long had been excised with a cleaver instead of a scalpel. It did not care what would be destroyed for the planet was forever, held in the blessings of Danu, he would be remade a thousand times before the lights of existence went out forever. It was time, it had been hurting for so long and now it was time to make the pain stop.

Two hundred foot waves didn’t crash over the island of Hawaii as much as they enveloped it. The water crashed down with unimaginable force hundreds of times an hour. Anything built by the False Denizens was destroyed, or so very close to it as to be an assured thing. Those False ones left were cowering in abject terror in what they thought were secure locations. The great ships of man were being thrown into the air and crashing onto the land, destroying what they were there to protect with their steel and fake caring. Washed away were the trappings of the empty and useless souls. Wiped from this great place were the evil and crime, the filth and the rot. All that remained was the beauty of that which was once pure, and the dead that had been sacrificed to it.

Far to the north the entirety of Iceland was now covered in glorious red. The eruptions in the north had caused chain-reactions to every caldera, ice and snow evaporated and billions of tons of water were formed in an instant. Any hint of so-called civilization had been burnt to embers. Smoke rose tens of thousands of feet into the air, the sky blackening with the now ever-present ash-fall. The sound was constant of the earth erupting and taking back what had been stolen from it by these things that had dwelt upon it for so long. Lava poured into the water constantly, land being created and destroyed in an ever-present cycle that was magnificent to behold. The oceans bubbled with fire and steam and the ever-growing fire pulled south, pulled towards all that man loved and held dear. Soon would the world be purified by the eternal beauty of flame.

The middle of nowhere is what they called this island once. They had sent man there and even in the two visits there they managed to spoil this paradise. Now, as the winds blew over the tops of the trees at two hundred lies an hour, the land was calm, the water lapping gently at the shore, the soft white sand blindingly bright even as the darkness above it went racing in all directions, destined to destroy that which had destroyed it first. Okinawa, ironically an island noted for its centenarians, was the first to be hit. The first gust hit and tore the sky-scraping pieces of metal nearly off there bases and shattered tens of thousands of windows. The jets on the island were thrown about like a child having a temper tantrum, their full fuel tanks exploding as they hit the ground miles away, causing the entire island to go up in a near instant firestorm. The wind cared not for what it had done, moving faster than any train to destroy that which dared stand in its way.

Such a glorious wonder it was once. A canyon that cracked the earth a mile deep and was as beautiful as the face of the Goddess herself. The filth that lined its walls and canyon floors was a desecration, the chiseled marks where cuts were made for convenience to man showed like scars. Even as the earth began to shake, it paused a moment to take in the vast perfection of this grand canyon before the group twisted beneath it and rocks billions of years in a single place exploded from the walls and collapsed into the depths. Each and every wall, each and every cliff, all of them fell. The noise was beyond sound as the earth took back its beauty. One day, when the world was right again, it would be remade and the perfection would last for all of time. For now, after minutes, then hours of the earthquakes, the canyon was no more, just a valley a half mile deep in rubble and rock and the tears of a civilization that swore it would destroy all that made this a necessity.

Even as the world bent itself back into the shape it was supposed to be in, a silent and invisible monster walked on the streets of it.Whole cities dying in moments. The worst deaths imaginable laid out on streets all across the world. Men, Women, the Elderly and yes, even the babes of these creatures suffered. it did pain him, but it was a necessarily evil for the greatest good imaginable. The world had seen this before on smaller scales when balance had to be meted out. Black Death, Spanish Flu. It was the influence for Sarin and VX and all of the delightful death these things had learned to cast at one another from afar. Millions died with every passing hour, but only those that caused this, not the dogs and cats, the birds of the air or even the insects of the dirt. He would not hurt the blameless, just those who were responsible for this horror of a life this place had become.

Siobhan howled louder than the wind as she rode the darkness like a personal steed from her mountaintop. The wings screamed with her and the blades twisted in the darkness, slaughtering all who dared be in her path. Clad now in blood and gore and the raiment of darkness she crept with speed to wherever her eyes saw the filth and stink that had ruined the land. Some bowed before her and prayed, others dared tried to attack her, all were put down with impunity. Her yes glowed with the blood she was now covered in and craving ever more and the darkness seemed to grow, to glow as she fed it the horrors that were done to the weak and the worthless. She licked her perfect lips in the satisfaction of the moment and rode onward, the world slowly wrapping itself in her darkness like a babe would a blanket when the time had come for sleep.

Not all was chaos however…

Chapter 1 – Part 2

Tine sat with legs dangling, a thoughtful look upon his face as he pondered his next move. The ice that surrounded him cooled his thoughts but the orange and red glow in his eyes could be confused as nothing but the very opposite of that.

He looked down in Eyjafjallajökull with a smile on his face at last and gripped the rock he was sitting on tightly and felt the rock warm to the point of fire.

The ancient caldera sprung to life under him, the ice cap quickly exploded into steam that rushed past his face like a hurricane as he simply kept holding onto the rocks as they began to liquefy under his fingertips, his rock perch slowly sliding downward into the volcano’s mouth, and happily did he slide down into the warm and beautiful embrace of the fire, no fear or worry at all as the magma embraced him as an old lover as the top of Eyjafjallajökull exploded upward and the nearly mile high mountain once again glowed red with the fury of the Beast within it.

He felt rather than saw the peaks of Mýrdalsjökull and Skógar explode and fire slowly covered the ice fields, as it always should have been.

Laying on his back in the beauty of the South Pacific, Uisce kicked his feet to move as he effortlessly floated on the waves that came and went. His hands steered him gently to and fro as his mind was closed to all and everything save the cooling beauty of the water below him.

He smiled, still with his eyes closed as he felt the waves below him build higher and higher. Towering things a hundred feet high crash with the roar of a freight train, rushing toward land a thousand miles away, building speed and height with every passing second.

The depths, still untouched by man, pushed the ice-cold waters upward, thousands and thousands of feet until they joined their brothers on the surface and built the walls of destruction that were heading to obliterate an unsuspecting world.

Galar existed as a shadow, his body not seen by the hundreds of people that he passed with every second. He walked into that abomination of light and false happiness and stood in the center of it. He looked about himself in all directions, his very being sickened by the lies and falseness that was there at all times.

He shook his head and reached his arms to the sides, green tendrils circling him over and over, the circle widening as he stood stock still. It was a sickly green and brown, a heavy thing that hung in the ait as if the wind did not want to hold such a thing in its arms even for the cause it was doing it for.

He kept the spiral growing, hundreds of feet across, the tendrils thickening to tree trunks until they reached every false thing in that square. With a release of a held breath he dropped to his knees and slammed his hands into the ground. The tendrils exploded there, finding life and shoving itself down the throat of it. Filling it, taking it, owning it, killing it.

A few seconds was all it took, he rose and looked around. The lights blinked still, the falseness was there, but for as far as he could see in every direction each fake and disgusting thief of his world lay dead in agonized poses of pain and anguish.

He felt no pity, no satisfaction He did what needed to be done and he walked on, knowing he had a great deal of work to do before he was done, and this was only one city of tens of thousands.

Siobhan smiled as she felt the powers that were once again being used in the world. The base things, the elemental things. She loved each soul that was helping her with this great work of art and she knew now that it was her turn to help.

She stood tall on a peak, clad in nothing but the darkness of the night as she whispered words into the air that had been unspoken since just after the Goddess had made her. The darkness coalesced, came to her as one would pull taffy.

She ran her fingers through the darkness, let it caress her and surround her. Still whispering the Darkness came faster and faster, hundreds of great giants, nothing but Power and Darkness stood before her, waiting ho her to simply set them free and let them destroy the things that brought light to places where the darkness should have reigned supreme.

She kissed the palm of her hand and breathed the final words into the dark and the eruption of them leaving her presence was as loud as explosions on the field of battle, which was, she thought, very appropriate seeing as they were going to make sure that the Battle was won before the adversaries even knew there was a War.

With black glowing eyes she pulled her blades from her back and the sounds of wings filled the night as the Darkness swept her up in its arms and carried its Goddess to where she bid it take her.

Chapter 1 – Part 1

Áthas stood before the rest of the assembled Unseelie, his eyes shining with a green fire that made you think of sickness of agony.

“Oh Queen of the Unseelie, I beg you tell us that which is your plan so that we may make the world one of magic and wonder again. Make the land as we see fit and to walk in the Dream World as it were the Living World with no fear of harm from these disasters of the flesh that the Goddess cursed the land with.”

He bowed his head low after he spoke, knowing he had asked what everyone in the room wanted, no needed, to know. He knew that the Queen was capable of wiping life from the world, he had seen her do a smaller version of it before with the Wild Hunt. However, there is not treachery in all of them, not all of them are oath-breakers that need to be shattered upon the monsters of the Darkness.

Siobhan raised her head to look upon Áthas. Her smile was genuine, even with the open malice she still showed from her last words. She held Tsíoraíocht high in the air and spoke low, her voice dark and wispy like the snakes moving through the autumnal leaves.

“Long ago, before man was truly developed, I was walking upon the banks of a river no longer of this world and I saw this wonderful spear. I sat there for three days, making sure I was not a thief to take it, and when three moons had passed, I picked it up and felt such power as I had never felt before.”

She slid from the dais, her first steps in so very long. Every one of the assembled felt tears in the heart from the beauty of such a thing. Her guards walked two steps ahead of her, time perfectly with her steps, her turns were theirs, her pauses were theirs.

“It burnt my hand at first.” She raised the hand and kissed the barest line of a scar in her perfect alabaster skin. “I did not let go of it however, I knew that there was a greatness in it and I would not be denied.” Tsíoraíocht glowed now, crimson hues lit the room in a macabre chandelier as the Queen walked through the crowd. Her hands brushing the faces of each one. She sent a little jolt of herself into them, a little jolt of Tsíoraíocht into them.

“Like the weapons lost during the first wars, this was made at the beginning of time for Gods to wield against another and, like so many of us..” her face dropped into nearly palatable anguish, “…it was left upon the battlefield and left to exist in this place without the touch of power that had forged it.”

Her steps were softer now, her gown not touching the floor although she walked upon it. She made the round after round of the room until each and every creature of the Unseelie had felt her touch, thousands and thousands of them. With words like those that raised the Tsíoraíocht, each of them began to glow from within. No pain, no duplicity, just raw power.

The Redcap felt the blood gush from the top of their heads, pouring down in a waterfall that never hit the ground. Their strength multiplied by unknown quantities. The individual Sidhe felt their hands of power erupt into life, hurting no one, just raw power. Blood and knives, poison and destruction were chaotically all about the room. Then there was the Queen.

After the last kiss to the last of the smallest of the demi-fey, her lips parted into a smile and she closed her eyes and Tsíoraíocht grew smaller and smaller in her hand, a sword, then a knife, then not even a needle. She clapped her hands together with a thundering echo and her eyes were a pure blackness, not a color, a void where color should have been, a darkness that had no end, no beginning.

She walked back to the dais, the cracks shrinking more and more until they were nothing but a memory. She stood in front of her throne with her voids for eyes, the Darkling Throng glowed the color of blood before her and she threw her head back and laughed, the power of it hitting them all in the chest like waves.

“We begin our return this very moment. Go, all of you. Do not cause mischief or a little mayhem as their stories tell them we do. Do not let them think we are content with anything but a playful, if harmful laugh. No, tonight you will go from this place and slowly you will take them, all of them, and make sure they are gone from this world. Not dead, the dead have power. No, gone from this place, this world, from anywhere. I have given you this power and from this moment on, the Unseelie will take back the world from the light. We will show them the beauty of the darkness before they are forever gone from a place they have spoiled.”

Her wrists moved slowly and her blades flicked to them, the sounds of billions of wings filled the room and the Void disappeared from her eyes, a sober honesty entering her voice.

“Some of you will die, they have tools that can hurt us as you very well know and even the darkest of us is not a God, not anymore. So I send you all out yes, but do not think I will stay here and linger about as my beautiful people do my work. No, no not at all. I come with you and we will bathe in the darkness together.”

Her words did not end in the thunderous voice of a God, but in the Honest voice of their Queen and their roar was ten thousand fold in approval.

“Let us begin.”

The sun leapt over the mountains as it always did, dark disappearing in an instant to be filled with the blazing light of a merciless sun. The temperature in Death Valley would near the record today if the forecast was right, and when you lived in a desert, it was almost always right. Earth was cracked open and begging for any semblance of water, even the merest drop.

The earthquake started off with the low rumble they all did, the world rolling in subtle waves that tumbled rocks and the few houses that dared to be out in this furnace of an angry god. However, after a few seconds, all form of regular stopped. The earth stopped moving at all and the rumble grew deeper and deeper like a scream at a baritone range. With no warning or pattern the ground exploded into hills twenty t fifty feet tall. Over and over again the land lurched upward as it was wrenched from its natural shape. The sides of cliffs collapsed and hundreds of tons buried the small houses and shops here in the now aptly name valley.

Miles away, Talamh stood on a small plain and screamed laughter as the brown and black light shot from his fingers into the Earth, the land obeying his every inclination and reshaping it as he saw fit for it to be shaped. Even before he had not had power such as this. He had dreamed of such things, but never this. As the thought crested his mind he poured all of his new-found power into the ground and the mountains themselves answered his call and crashed downward in a hellish slide of rocks and death.

Thousands of miles to the east, on a cloudy beach on an island man had stepped on but twice, a small waif of a girl stood with a smile and moved her fingers with piano key motions and at her movements the clouds above got darker and darker, the wind blew harder and harder. She did not move, she did not blink, she laughed and giggled with childlike mirth as the sun vanished from view and the clouds raced towards her an unimaginable speeds.

Gaoth was such a slight thing, maybe knee-high to a Sidhe, but the terror in her laughter would make all of them flee as they saw the things heading towards her so fast that it was dizzying to look upon. Clouds came and went in an instant and more and more built behind them, dozens of miles tall. Black clouds with no lightning, no rain, just the darkening of the world for those that had dared steal from their betters.

She closed her hands into fists and the wind stopped completely, the clouds waiting at the shore, waiting for their Mistress to give them another command. Within their mass no light penetrated, no happiness could exist, no life would survive.

The Beginning

Siobhan had been sitting in the dark for years now. Perfectly still. Her eyes blinking occasionally, her heart beating with the thunderstorm force it always had. Her lips were blood-red and perfect, her eyes shifting like the shadows in the moonlight and the soft fluttering of wings always there, just out of the corner of your eye, on the limits of your hearing. Occasionally her fingertips would tap on the carved throne she sat in, occasionally she would sigh in a way that made the entire sithen shake with a storm gale.

There was nothing wrong with the Dark Queen. She was in control of her realm and with no words she ruled with a Teutonic fist accepting no failure no second-best efforts. Nothing but perfection was acceptable and woe to the one that approached her without being invited by the two guards at the base of her dais, their weapons ever at the ready, shining from each hours sharpening for the woman that they worshiped as their Goddess.

“Bring me Tsíoraíocht.”

Her voice was smooth, like a liquid velvet over your skin. It flirted with you, it terrified you. It made you jump in surprise and hold it as close to you as you could. It was seduction and sadness, joy and terror. It was the voice of Siobhan, used precisely the way she desired.

Her guard, in unison, turned and bowed to a single knee, and then, obeyed They did not show surprise that her voice was heard for the first time in centuries, they simply obeyed, without question and without thought. They walked in unison, perfect lock-step to a pillar not twenty feet from where they stood. They reached into their black and crimson tunics in unison and removed a hand from each. Not that which looked like a hand, but a hand. Rotted and decayed, the flesh barely clinging to it.

As one they touched them to the pillar and the skin regrew in an instant. Strong, feminine hands were there. Perfectly manicured in the Old Way. The nails left alone and the skin tattooed in bands of script none save the Queen could now read. The hands spread wide, the fingers as far apart as they could be as the Queen read from them. The noise was Darkness, the noise was Fear. The fingers lit aflame as each band of words were read.

The queen read louder, louder, louder still and the hands erupted in purple-black jets of flame and a long spear pushed through the solid stone of the pillar. The Queen, screaming like a gale in the night now as the final words were read sat back down and with a final utterance, sat back and let silence drop over the room again.

The spear hovered inches above the pillar and the guards each, again in perfect unison, reached for and took the spear in a single hand and walked with it to their Queen and dropped to a knee, tilting the spear as they dropped, its glowing tip missing the Queen’s face by less than that of a hair.

Siobhan, moving like the wind and darkness she was made from, reached and took the spear in one hand, a fluid motion that raised it high above her head as the guards were back at their posts, weapons at the ready, before the movement was complete.

The spear raised high in the air, the Court, summoned in ways unique to each, filed in by the few, then the dozens, finally the hundreds and even thousands. Each member of the court, from the smallest imp to the darkest shadows of Death stood before their queen, eagerly waiting for her words.

“These long years I have been I have been in thought. With the arrival of man, their technologies and war, we have been pushed to the limits of what we once were. We do not need belief in us to exist as the stories we told me to write say, no that was merely a safeguard.”

She stood slowly, shadows red as blood swirling with her as she did so. Her swords always at her back, shone with light that was not produced by a natural source. Her perfection was devastating and each and every soul in the room lost themselves for the merest moment as their Queen rose.

No one said anything to make them kneel. It was not the Queen’s custom to have all kneel before her, but as one, in a movement that shook far more than just the ground, they dropped in obeisance to Her that each of them knew was their Goddess, to Her that gave and took all of the things that they had ever had.

The Queen smiled, loving them all the more for this as she spoke, her voice a whisper.

“I am tired. I am so tired of having to respect them, to let them ruin which took us lifetimes. It is time my loves that we took back the world.”

She held the spear, Eternity, in her hands and slammed its tip into the stone dais. The spiderweb cracks were instantaneous and they spread to the entirety of the Grand Hall. Red and purple light erupted as the Queen spoke her final words.

“Let us take it all back my loves.”